Our area’s work force has a positive, rural work ethic. They want to work and do a good job. As an example, Automotive Technology Systems (ATS) has recently received the international ranking of “Highest in Overall Automotive Seat Quality Production” from J.D. POWER and ASSOCIATES. As Jerry Rynder, Manager of Human Resources, stated - “The success of any company depends on the people it employs. This award is a great achievement for our company AND it is an indication of the quality of the team members we have at ATS!”

Many of our work force drive as far as 60 to 100 miles per day, one way to work. Because of this, you should not look to just Lawrence County for your potential work force. The labor force market within the surrounding thirteen (13) county area totals more than 121,000 persons.

Pathfinders, a nationally known and well-respected private consultant company, recently completed an “Underemployed Workforce Assessment” for our Southeastern Illinois area. The results show that there are 33,900 potential candidates available for new employment opportunities in the surrounding thirteen county area. The complete, independently done assessment report is available upon request.

In addition, the Illinois Department of Employment Security can help with fast identification of job candidates that meet your qualifications. If there are too few or none in our immediate area, they’ll computer-search the entire state. Custom recruiting plans can be tailored to your company’s needs. These services are provided at no charge to your company.

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